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Todos Santos Project - Candelaria

In our current Project, in collaboration with the Unay Pallay Weavers Cooperative and the communities of Candelaria and Karayantayoq, we documented the celebration of Todos Santos in Candelaria, in the southern Andes of Bolivia. Todos Santos is the Yampara culture’s version of Day of the Dead. We documented the preparations and observances of this celebration for three weeks in October - November of 2010 and again in 2011. This phase of the Project culminated with the production of our documentary, “TODOS SANTOS / Feast of the Souls”.

In July of 2012 we returned to Candelaria, and in a collaborative project with the community, we established a permanent Todos Santos Exhibit in the Unay Pallay Weavers Cooperative’s Community Museum.  We also gifted the Museum with the rights to reproduce and sell our documentary, with the all proceeds from sales designated to benefit the Museum.  The exhibit was inaugurated with an official ceremony on July 28, and following the ceremony we had the world premiere of the documentary in a free, big screen presentation for community members in their Events Hall. The movie was very well received, and due to popular request, was shown a second time the same evening.

We are now involved in the final phase of this Project, presenting the results to wider audiences here in the United States.  We will be presenting a lecture and screening of the documentary at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga, California on October 24, 2012. Our documentary will be screened at the Museum of International Folk Art (MOIFA) in Santa Fe during their observance of Day of the Dead in 2012, and presented a lecture along with a screening of the documentary at MOIFA on January 16 of 2013. We are also submitting the documentary to film festivals and featuring the Project on our website with a story line, video clips and photographs.

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